There are a number of key areas that we believe need to be addressed.

These are:

Traffic Management –Hobart’s traffic congestion is creating unparalleled angst for commuters. YOUR Hobart will encourage a consultative approach with all key stakeholders, most importantly the Tasmanian Government, to address this as a matter of priority.

Hobart’s Skyline - The YOUR Hobart collective welcomes the Leigh Woolley report. We encourage the community and all stakeholders to participate in the consultation process on what the City of Hobart may look like in the future.

Council Amalgamations - Restructure - For years there has been much discussion regarding Council Amalgamations, we live in a technological age and it is time to consider what the future of local government should be. The YOUR Hobart collective supports a “restructure” of local government that delivers efficiencies for all ratepayers.

Efficiency - Councils must operate far more efficiently and effectively and importantly, live within their means. YOUR Hobart will be fighting for greater Hobart City Council efficiencies across the board

Rates – Wages have stagnated, the cost of living is increasing, water, power and gas has risen dramatically and municipal rates are proving a significant burden on ratepayers. YOUR Hobart will pursue a policy of capping rates to CPI.

Accountability –YOUR Hobart will commit to restoring faith in the governance of the Hobart City Council.

Planning and development - YOUR Hobart will strive to ensure aldermanic decisions sit within the discretionary scope of planning and building regulations. There is no room for politics council deliberations.

Taste of Tasmania – YOUR Hobart will ensure this iconic Tasmanian festival has clearly defined terms of reference and is at arms’ length of the political arm of council.

Cable Car –YOUR Hobart will ensure the proposed Cable Car development is considered in a transparent process according to all the planning regulations.

Small business support incubator –YOUR Hobart will also ensure the City has a vibrant small business body working cohesively with Council to strengthen the small business community of Hobart.

Collaboration with the State Government of the day –YOUR Hobart will pursue to reignite high-level discussions with the Premier of the Day and State Cabinet to work as a team on matters of importance to the City to deliver more productive outcomes for YOUR Hobart and OUR Tasmania.

Waste Management


YOUR Hobart - The Plan

YOUR Hobart believes there are key priorities that are front and centre for the City of Hobart.

Traffic Management

We will support:

  • The development of a strategic alliance with State Government and other Local Councils to address and provide solutions to peak hour traffic management and solutions that incorporate all aspects of people movement both in the short and long term.
  • The establishment of a long term-plan and facilitate fo0r the immediate take-over of Macquarie and Davey street with the State Government
  • The establishment of team relationships with neighbouring councils to create whole-of-traffic flow experiences
  • The establishment of affordable peripheral long-term parking incorporating city circle shuttles
  • Opportunities for ‘Park and Ride’ amenities
  • Light rail and shuttle bus services
  • Integrated ferry other river transport services
  • Integrated bike and walkways access
  • Management and planning of road and or building development within the City corridors
  • Examine working with large employers and the education providers with time management opportunities to help ease the traffic load at peak times
  • Other considerations that may assist in the long-term solutions to ease peak hour congestion

Cable Car

We will ensure:

  • Any potential Cable Car development application is dealt with in an open and transparent manner.
  • All development applications meet the planning scheme guidelines and acceptable solution mechanisms.
  • YOUR Hobart  is committed to appropriate developments for the city.

Planning, Development and Building

YOUR Hobart is committed to improving Council’s Planning, Development and Building processes. We will ensure:

  • Increase transparency and accountability in planning decision making with policy changes
  • Increased focus on applying the law as per Planning and development regulations
  • Work with the State Government in overcoming Building code restrictions to allow residential rentals above existing shops
  • Implement an Airbnb/sharing economy simple registration system to ensure all AirBnBs are operating lawfully with appropriate council approvals
  • Increase residential building opportunities by providing rezoning assistance for mixed residential developments
  • Develop appropriate mechanisms that determine height limits in particular how street-scape-edge development may impact on the streets and the city skyline taking into account the topography of Hobart and ensuring this is in consultation with all stakeholders


YOUR Hobart will promote a policy so that rates are capped at CPI.

  • Hobart City Council must evaluate its operations to assess efficiencies and aim to deliver projects within its means.
  • At the present time the Hobart City Council owes approximately $20million over a 10-year loan.
  • The current budget allows for a further $20 million to be obtained in a Loan for Asset
  • Maintenance – as in operational costs – so Council is functioning way outside its expected income stream.
  • This has to be reined in. The Hobart City Council needs to operate within its means

Taste and Events

YOUR Hobart is supportive of key events in Hobart city for the benefit of all ratepayers.

We will:

  • Develop clear terms of reference for the future of the Taste so its priority is Tasmanian-based content.
  • Establish a professional independent authority for the Taste Festival and other major events that are Council funded.
  • Develop a sustainable funding model with respective partners including the State and other local governments for the long-term financial viability of the Taste Festival.
  • Restrict the political role of the Taste and other events to just being responsible for the terms of reference and funding opportunities are adhered to.

State Government Liaison

YOUR Hobart wants to establish a good and productive working relationship with government.

We will ensure:

  • A policy that establishes collaborative and regular meetings with the State Government of the day.
  • Strengthen and develop a Capital City relationship with the State Government on issues that relate to the ratepayers of Hobart.
  • A stronger and more inclusive policy of working with government regarding the health of our community. The Royal Hobart Hospital plays an important role in our community and its future development is crucial for Hobart residents. Your Hobart believes that the Hobart City Council is a stakeholder and needs to be part of the consultation process of the Hospitals future.
  • A collaborative approach Capital City projects and landscapes that may impact on the city such as the future of the Treasury Building, Macquarie Point re-development, CSIRO, Hobart Ports Corporation and other integral areas of the Hobart city.

Supporting Small Business

  • YOUR Hobart will seek to further develop the Council’s economic development division to incorporate a small business advisory group.
  • That group’s objectives will be to facilitate a team directed to increase the resilience of local small businesses.
  • Statistically small business is the biggest employer in Australia. It often represents a small family simply having a go.
  • Given the difficult recent issues such as the traffic congestion which puts people off from coming into the city, and the floods earlier this year, it’s important to establish supportive mechanisms for our small business sector.

Waste Strategy

  • Presently the Hobart City Council has a waste management plan that spans through to 2030.  However it has been made with assumptions that are no longer viable.
  • China is now restricting its intake for recyclable products which we feel provides both a threat and an opportunity.
  • We propose that the waste management plan be revisited with a view to creating a processing plan for waste materials.
  • Countries such as Sweden have established strong country-wide processing plants to the extent that they now process other countries rubbish.  Given Hobart City Council is still relying on a tip site - there should be massive untapped potential available to  develop a system that could lead Australia in this industry.