Martin Waldhoff

Real Estate Agent
Small Business Owner

Louise Bloomfield

Tax Agent

Marti Zucco

Current Alderman
Small Business Owner

Louise Bloomfield

Louise holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Fellowships in both the IPA (Institute of Public Accountants) and NTAA (National Tax Agents Association). She has both the resources and experience in business to know how to take a struggling business and make it thrive.


A Tasmanian through and through, she studied at the University of Tasmania, initially in Pharmacy following advice from her parents, before finally daring to follow her dream in Accounting, which resulted in her graduating with a Commerce Degree in 1995.


Louise has worked in and around small to medium sized businesses since the early age of 17. She has enjoyed varied early career experiences and challenges which helped hone her business acumen and people skills in later years. These included roles as a graduate accountant for a tax agent, office manager, training & development officer at the Huon Skillshare and Adult Education in South Hobart where she was approached to design courses and train clients in small business skills. Louise was even commissioned to write a book on writing business plans at a time when online learning was just being established. She was also involved in preparing unemployed people for the NIES scheme. This resulted in a lifelong passion for helping small businesses.


In 1998 due to client demand Louise propelled herself with great confidence into the world of accounting and business ownership. She founded accountancy practice Bloomfield & Associates which has grown to become one of the most highly regarded and successful CBD-based accountancy firms in Hobart, admired by clients and colleagues alike.


An ability to lead, network and inspire people has led to her being appointed as President in two high profile business networking groups for the past 6 years.


In recent years Louise was asked to MC the first Legalwise Seminar for Accountants in Tasmania. She also pushed for stronger education for Accountants and Lawyers alike for the practical understanding and use of the PPSR legislation amongst the business community as she felt it held important strategic advantage for the small business when dealing with insolvency.


For 2 years Louise was a guest lecturer for second year Auditing Students at the University of Tasmania under Professor Roger Willett when she explained the real life application of integrity in professional life. The lecture notes were then converted to an article “Integrity – the new V Word’ and published in a national women’s magazine just last year.


Louise is driven by an unwavering belief that integrity, ethics, professionalism and fairness are non-negotiable and are the cornerstones which have supported her business since its inception, and by which she has attracted a comprehensive and loyal client base. In a world where ethics can be thin on the ground, it is not unusual for her to refuse to work with a client she has identified as not matching up to her standards.


In the rare moments of personal life – Louise has also developed a love for learning to race her prized Porsche – and hopes to participate in Targa Tasmania next year. Being member of Porsche Club Tasmania until recently - it had been the support, education and comradery that this club provided that has allowed her to dare consider achieving such a dream.


With the understanding and commitment to ‘giving back’ and creating in her eyes a ‘kinder community’ – she is also a member of both the Soroptomists Hobart and Rotary Hobart.


Louise considers herself incredibly fortunate to have a loving husband of 17 years – Paul Daniels – and 2 daughters – Avril (21) and Grace (16)


One day she will get back into that vegetable garden at home ….

Martin Waldhoff

Martin was born in Germany, but migrated to Australia with his parents in the early 80s. He quickly fell in love with Hobart as a young teen, as he worked his way through high school, college and university while supporting himself with a range of jobs: from helping his stepmother in her arts and craft business to working as a landscaper, farm hand, cleaner and anything else he could find. He was also known to escape to the outdoors as often as he could: he loved camping and particularly enjoyed exploring Tasmania’s pristine East Coast, especially the beaches around St Helens.
Martin’s university studies initially focused on life sciences, as he wanted to pursue his love of the native flora and fauna, and gain a better understanding of the effects of human development on these systems. During his university years Martin was offered an opportunity to join the Australian Army as an infantry soldier through the Ready Reserve scheme. This time taught him a lot, and it encouraged him to return to Hobart – where he found work in security and began to dabble in the real estate market. This was the beginning of a journey that took him through several career changes until finally making the leap to his commit to his passion and become a real estate professional, following in the footsteps of his inspirational and entrepreneurial father Hans Waldhoff.
Martin had some memorable roles along the way, including opening a small beachside café in Dodges Ferry and learning the thrills, and long days, required of anyone operating a small business. He spent several years in Perth, where he ran several more businesses, in the fields of pet care, cleaning and security.
Inevitably Martin moved back to Hobart and began working in our busy real estate market, which has given him further insight into the joys and difficulties faced by the city’s residents. Martin is committed to an open and transparent approach to all his dealings and is now looking to bring that commitment to serve the people of Hobart.

Marti Zucco

Marti Zucco is an ideas person with proven leadership qualities, well documented achievements and a thorough understanding of Local Government and the appropriate processes for this tier of government.

Marti is an open book with vision and vitality who believes in action not words. Innovation based on best practice and that ensures proper procedural processes in an open and transparent environment to decision-making is, according to Marti, THE key to leadership.

Over the years, Marti has demonstrated his commitment to the City of Hobart commissioning numerous reports and has been vocal on many diverse issues, including:

  • Rates capping to CPI
  • Traffic management
  • Peripheral, commuter and local parking solutions
  • Long-term affordable housing
  • City security and safety
  • Assisting the small business sector
  • Events and marketing of the City

Marti believes the key to Hobart’s future is a collaborative focus between all tiers of government. As Hobart is the capital he believes it is imperative the City of Hobart has in particular, a close working relationship with the State Government.

“There are innovative solutions to assist in the traffic issues of the City. The implementation of these solutions requires collaboration with other councils and in particular, the State Government all working from the same page.

“What is paramount and important is that Local Government must focus on local issues and ensure the local community and stakeholder needs are first and foremost. It’s time for going back to basics, the reason the tier of local government was originally established. State and Federal issues are no place for local government and as Lord Mayor, Marti will focus on the needs of the City.

“Many in the community are struggling to meet rate payments and there is a need for councils to work within their needs. That is why a CPI cap on rates is an imperative to ensure the Council delivers within a fair rate base for all.”

As Lord Mayor Marti will “Focus on Local” He will listen and deliver what are community and other stakeholder needs.

Marti is a first-class candidate for the position of Lord Mayor and an Alderman of Council.

 “Idealism is not the key to leadership – an open, balanced approach is the leadership Marti Zucco promises to deliver.”