No fare! Forgotten seniors despair over Hobart public transport

Hobart City Council’s draft transport strategy ignores senior rate payers as they demand immediate action. Hobart’s increasing elderly population have been forgotten by the city, said Deputy Lord Mayor and Alderman candidate Martin Waldhoff, who has been listening to the city’s seniors. “Our senior ratepayers enjoy public transport to frequent the inner city shopping precinct, however they feel forgotten about upon arriving into Hobart’s CBD,” he said. “Unless they are prepared or able to walk, even at the closest drop off points, there is no simple way for them to move easily around the city so they must opt to take their car rather than catch a bus.” Ironically, the aim of the draft transport strategy is to de-congest traffic by reducing the number of cars on inner city roads. “Senior ratepayers are desperate for a free inner city shuttle loop service traveling anti clock wise between Argyle and Murray Streets,” Mr Waldhoff said. Until now proponents have been given the run around by local and...
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Marti Zucco Announces his Candidature for Mayor of the Hobart City Council.

Hobart City Council Alderman Marti Zucco has today announced he will contest the position of Lord Mayor at the next Council elections in October 2018. Alderman Zucco said Today “I have the experience and knowledge of Local Government and a complete understanding of what is required to perform the role” I have stood on a platform of being open and transparent the ratepayers of Hobart deserve to have an open transparent Council and as Lord mayor will ensure that the HCC is open. The City of Hobart needs to “focus on Local’ and consider the future of our beautiful City first and foremost whilst understanding that Hobart is the Capital of our magnificent State of Tasmania The future of Hobart is imperative and I firmly believe I have what is needed. I am not standing alone I have been working with two new fresh faces who are extremely passionate about Hobart and we have all decided to work as a collective on issues that...
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Hobart City Council at risk of being swamped by appeals

  Council’s repeated failure to adhere to the law when making decisions on development applications is costing ratepayers dearly in the appeals court. Candidate for alderman and Deputy Mayor, Louise Bloomfield, has spent countless hours evaluating HCC’s approval process over the past few months. “Ratepayers have an absolute right to expect that Aldermen are applying the law equitably and consistently when making their decisions on development applications,” she said. “It is my concern that an unnecessary number of applications end up in the appeals court costing both the local community and ratepayers excessively.” When development applications are placed before council – the Aldermen are provided with recommendations by a professional planning department.  Alderman also have a duty of care to ensure they are aware of associated legal precedent.  Failure to do so places the Council in jeopardy of losing on appeal which places significant costs to ratepayers and the council budget – also funded by ratepayers. “It is now a matter of urgency for builders and...
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