August 15, 2018

The self-employed are regularly treated as a second class not least by the local government elected to serve them.

Small Business Owner and candidate for Deputy Lord Mayor and Alderman, Louise Bloomfield says there are so many ways small business is being unduly affected by council regulations and messages.

“Aldermen with no small business experience are barely aware of the adverse impacts their comments and actions are having on Hobart’s small business owners,” she says.

Consider the following cases of small businesses being adversely affected by council:

  • Take away owners trying to maintain OH&S standards after an Alderman urged ratepayers to “take your lunchbox to pick up your meal”. Food and safety legislation instructs café owners to use sterilised containers. They now risk insurance issues as a result.
  • The Lord Mayor instructing employees to “stay at home” the day after the May floods in Hobart. Who was expected to help clean up or, heaven forbid, trade on that day?
  • Two month ago two applications for short stay accommodation were refused despite all regulations being met and legal advice that the decision would likely be overturned on appeal.
  • The many small business owners trapped in their cars during the Argyle Street car park meltdown. One computer repairman was stranded for four hours with a fully booked afternoon. He was forced to cancel all his clients for the day. A very expensive lunch.

“I don’t blame the Lord Mayor or other Aldermen for not understanding the impact of their words. After all Ron Christie’s work history is that of a radio DJ, without exposure to the H&R legislation that guards our employees,” Ms Bloomfield says.

“With all the difficulty a new business person has to face with things like GST, payroll and just getting those sales in the door, how a community is regulated by council has exceptional impact.

“Small business owners are the backbone of any community providing a significant share of employment opportunities. The issues outlined above are easily avoided should a council apply good governance with close connection to understanding the needs and impact of small businesses.”

Contact: Louise Bloomfield 0418 388164 or 03 62316886

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