Louise Bloomfield is mounting a defense of the title Alderman amid a populist grab for headlines by a small group who want to see it changed.

“Come October I hope to become an Alderman and proudly join the ranks of women who have been taken on the title for the past 70 years,” Ms Bloomfield said.

“As Alderman I will be responsible for protecting our cities heritage; built, environmental and cultural.

“In a cheap bid for votes, a small, vocal minority is attacking our cultural heritage”

At each meeting of the council, the elders of the traditional owners of the land are acknowledged.

Likewise we acknowledge the traditions and history dating back before England, to Anglo-Saxon times 800AD with the title Alderman.

This word links back to the more archaic form Ealdorman. Ealdor for chief, boss, leader.  It did not mean you owned land, but was a title of authority and respect.

“This is not first time the council has considered discarding the title,” Ms Bloomfield said.

“A motion was brought up in  1992  to change it – and it was defeated mostly by the women on council at the time.”

“This is a title that has been linked to civic duties and responsibilities for over a millennia.”

“It is a title that women have won in Tasmania since Dorothy Edwards, a title gained through hard work, determination and respect of the community.”

A title some want to discard due to the letters “man”.

If we follow that ideal – what DO we do with the word Human?

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