‘Facilities for small children have been left to grow old and fairly much be forgotten by the Hobart City Council’.  Said Louise Bloomfield, a candidate for Deputy Mayor and Alderman for Hobart City Council.

Back in the 1980’s the Elizabeth Street had the most exciting installation being a wooden ship for small children to climb over, under and generally play for hours.  There was also the fountain in the Cat and Fiddle square which no doubt most of us might remember splashing their siblings (and parents) with the streams of water whilst we listened to the nursery rhyme on the hour.

Today its not so grand if you are a kid.  The only obvious play area is hidden away in Wellington court and its certainly seen better days.

Hobart City Council should be investing in at least 3 installation series in the Hobart CBD to allow for tired parents and excitable children to enjoy the city public spaces as much as anyone.

‘My vision would be to see a large installation again in the centre of the Elizabeth Street Mall which would entertain a large number of small children at a time – much like the beloved wooden ‘Pirate Ship’ – and surround it with seating for parents who can both rest their feet (and patience!) possibly even enjoying a chat with other parents.’ Said Louise.

‘Rather than just focusing on the availability of shops for parents and families we should be considering the entire experience- as children simply do not have the attention span to be able to deal with day at the shops with their parents without needing some time out’  Louise went on to explain ‘ We need to remember that one of the big drawcards with McDonalds for instance is the playgym on offer – which frankly is appreciate by both children and parents alike.  A great playtime installation in the centre of the Hobart CBD could only draw more families back into the area and support small business.’

‘I hope that 3 installations could be considered  – being one to replace the painted poles in Wellington Court, a large and exciting installation in Elizabeth Street Mall and then another one in the Franklin Square park. It would give parents and children a real opportunity to appreciate the city area as their own.’


Louise Bloomfield is a candidate for Deputy Mayor and Alderman for the Hobart City Council.

Phone: 03 62316886

Email: info@louise.com.au

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