LORD mayoral candidate Marti Zucco says promises of free bus services by some candidates at this month’s Hobart City Council elections are little more than deceptive promotion.

While trying to resolve Hobart’s traffic problems is within Hobart City Council’s reach, running or promoting free public bus services is neither the role nor the responsibility of the Council.

Candidates who promise this are simply engaging in a vote-grabbing exercise when they know they can’t deliver.

Do they expect the ratepayers of Hobart to pay for services that are properly the responsibility of Metro and the State Government? The City of Hobart is already facing mounting debt which will have to be passed on to ratepayers in the future.  These sorts of promises will only exacerbate that situation.

If elected Lord Mayor I will work together with the State Government on a full range of issues and most particularly to manage our traffic problems. Collaboration between the State Government and other councils is the key to finding solutions to major issues such as the city’s traffic congestion.

But I won’t make outlandish and false promises that either can’t be delivered or that will only cost Hobart ratepayers even more money

For details contact Marti Zucco 0418120060

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