Hobart City Council’s draft transport strategy ignores senior rate payers as they demand immediate action.

Hobart’s increasing elderly population have been forgotten by the city, said Deputy Lord Mayor and Alderman candidate Martin Waldhoff, who has been listening to the city’s seniors.

“Our senior ratepayers enjoy public transport to frequent the inner city shopping precinct, however they feel forgotten about upon arriving into Hobart’s CBD,” he said.

“Unless they are prepared or able to walk, even at the closest drop off points, there is no simple way for them to move easily around the city so they must opt to take their car rather than catch a bus.”

Ironically, the aim of the draft transport strategy is to de-congest traffic by reducing the number of cars on inner city roads.

“Senior ratepayers are desperate for a free inner city shuttle loop service traveling anti clock wise between Argyle and Murray Streets,” Mr Waldhoff said.

Until now proponents have been given the run around by local and state government departments purporting there is “no funding” for such a service.

Mr Waldhoff believes that once such a service is established, the route could be adjusted and expanded to meet growing demand including the real possibility of being the first link in the proposed park and ride system as well as streamlining travel between Hobart’s waterfront and the North Hobart Café strip.

“We have to start acting somewhere,” Mr Waldhoff said.

“We have been talking about Hobart traffic for over 10 years.

“The solution to Hobart’s traffic congestion is not just about tourism, it is about all of us!

“It is time to put ratepayers first.”

Martin Waldhoff is standing in this year’s Hobart City Council election as part of the Your Hobart collective along with Alderman Marti Zucco and businesswoman Louise Bloomfield.


Martin Waldhoff 0422 426 065

Marti Zucco  0418120060

Louise Bloomfield 0418 388164


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