Hobart City Council Alderman Marti Zucco has today announced he will contest the position of Lord Mayor at the next Council elections in October 2018.

Alderman Zucco said Today “I have the experience and knowledge of Local Government and a complete understanding of what is required to perform the role”

I have stood on a platform of being open and transparent the ratepayers of Hobart deserve to have an open transparent Council and as Lord mayor will ensure that the HCC is open.

The City of Hobart needs to “focus on Local’ and consider the future of our beautiful City first and foremost whilst understanding that Hobart is the Capital of our magnificent State of Tasmania

The future of Hobart is imperative and I firmly believe I have what is needed. I am not standing alone I have been working with two new fresh faces who are extremely passionate about Hobart and we have all decided to work as a collective on issues that are important to the City. Each of us are independent thinkers wanting to serve the ratepayers of Hobart for all the right reasons.

Hobart Accountant Louise Bloomfield and Martin Waldhoff a Hobart real estate salesperson and small business operator will be both standing as Alderman and Deputy Lord Mayor. It brings the experience and knowledge of local Government coupled with two new fresh faces and blood who have an understanding of small business and professionalism to deliver the needs of the ratepayers and the future of Hobart We will deliver this as a collective.


This is about YOUR Hobart it’s about ALL of US.


Both Louise and Martin have an understanding of small business and what it takes to work within the small business world means Those who work in small business know the difficulties of how to juggle and deliver within their means and Councils must do the small ratepayers expect it but don’t seem to be delivered it.

Both Louise and Martin would be valuable assists to the City of Hobart and I am extremely privileged to be able to work collectively with two professional that are independent thinkers and have the Our City at heart. We will

If elected YOUR Hobart will embark on working closely with the State Government of the day to ensure that matters of importance to the City are discussed on a regular basis and at a high level. As the Alderman who initiated the Memorandum of understanding with the City of Launceston the City of Hobart plays an important roles as as the Capital City and must have regular dialogue with the Premier and cabinet and other Councils.

The traffic issues of the City will be a priority for YOUR Hobart as there is no benefit for ratepayers when the HCC and the State Government are not on the same page in this highly important issue. There are potential solutions to the traffic conundrum.  What is needed is a collaborative approach which will also require the three other major southern Councils to work together on a short and long term action plan for outcomes.

Over the years I have put forward suggestions from peripheral parking, time management, park and ride. Rail and river options incorporated with an integrated transport plan must also be a high priority but it seems that there are so many players that need a leadership approach. YOUR Hobart has this in its sights.

Wages have stagnated but rates continue to rise Councils must work within their means huge borrowings are not the answers to delivering services and projects these loan must be eventually repaid but at what cost.

Huge borrowings to deliver for projects and services will put further pressure on rates this will be another burden and impost on ratepayers. Your Hobart will seek to implement a CPI cap on rates and reevaluate the Council projects that are not of high priority with an intent of the Council operating far more efficiently and delivering services and projects within its means rather than borrowings when the economy is buoyant.

An effective Council is one that embarks on projects to generate economic activity in a down time of an economy delivering projects during high demand will only see these projects delivered at a premium when we have the commercial sector creating economic activity and building works the need for Council is to act and think smarter in its delivery of the needs of the City and ratepayers.

YOUR Hobart will ensure that the ratepayers of Hobart are the main focus in decision making. Decisions that are in the State and Federal Domain are a distractions to what the Council should be about and focusing on. your Hobart will focus on the local issues and what it can do to about it rather than wasting time energy and ratepayer funds on matters it has no control over.

The three Rs – Rates, Roads and Rubbish – may be simplistic to some but local Government and in particular the Hobart City Council has an obligation to its ratepayers to deliver what they elected to do and take care of The Hobart Community first and foremost.

Our website will have more details of what YOUR Hobart is about. The following dot points are of high importance. YOUR Hobart and as it’s about ALL of Us and what we stand for is YOU and OUR Capital City.


YOUR Hobart Will.


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