Council’s repeated failure to adhere to the law when making decisions on development applications is costing ratepayers dearly in the appeals court.

Candidate for alderman and Deputy Mayor, Louise Bloomfield, has spent countless hours evaluating HCC’s approval process over the past few months.

“Ratepayers have an absolute right to expect that Aldermen are applying the law equitably and consistently when making their decisions on development applications,” she said.

“It is my concern that an unnecessary number of applications end up in the appeals court costing both the local community and ratepayers excessively.”

When development applications are placed before council – the Aldermen are provided with recommendations by a professional planning department.  Alderman also have a duty of care to ensure they are aware of associated legal precedent.  Failure to do so places the Council in jeopardy of losing on appeal which places significant costs to ratepayers and the council budget – also funded by ratepayers.

“It is now a matter of urgency for builders and ratepayers alike.”

It is reasonable to expect that Hobart’s housing shortage may well be at least partially addressed by applying this approach by reducing frustration and adhoc results in processing development applications.

“It is my sincere hope that when the Council is refreshed with new faces who can restore its integrity,” Ms Bloomfield said.

Contact: Louise Bloomfield 0418 388 164


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