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We are a group of independently-minded people who share a common passion and vision for Hobart City.

We want to share what the important issues are facing Hobart and what you’ve told us you care most about.  We believe that with our experience in government, business and as long-time citizens of Hobart we have the collective know-how to represent you on the Hobart City Council in the forthcoming local government elections.

We have listened to what you the Hobart ratepayers are saying and we have based our priorities for Hobart City on what you have told us and the feedback we have received on the issues that matter most to you.

We want you to know how we plan to contribute as Mayor and as Aldermen on the Hobart  City Council to bring about much-needed change and what we believe are the priorities for our city.

View from Mount Wellington - Solstice Photography

    Authorised by Garry Baker and Susan Catchpool 89 Salamanca Place Hobart 7001